Fly your website to safety.
Don't leave your website naked in the cold.

Everyone wants a website that works, that adapts, that can fly. It's cold out there, and a naked website is no good. You need a design that looks good on you and shows the world what you're capable of. Under Canopy Designs works with you to land that classy, weather-proof website you want.

When it's a new website you need, improvements on an existing one, or maybe you are looking for a new logo, infographic, or social media help - Under Canopy Designs can catch your fall.

What is Under Canopy Designs?

The name originates from one of life's greatest passions. Learn more...

"Under Canopy" is the phrase that refers to flight - specifically the duration of a skydive that occurs between deployment of a parachute and landing on the ground. What happens under canopy makes or breaks you, and it is the favorite aspect of jumping for many thrill-seekers. The view from high above, the wind, and the peaceful tranquility that characterizes time under canopy is remarkable.

Moments under canopy can also be wrought with urgency, unexpected problems, and panic. There's nothing like the relief from looking up and seeing a working canopy. Your feelings about how your website meets the needs of your business and its customers are the same.

Much like flying safely through the sky, your website should be strong, captivating, and awesome. Under Canopy can help you decide which package is right for your project.
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Who runs Under Canopy?

All of the brainstorming, designing, and programming happens at the desk of Kristi Hoffmaster - a weekend skydiver and web developer, but she often enlists others to pour coffee, shoot videos, and pose for random marketing photography. Kristi has been designing websites since 2006 and works during the day as a full-time web developer.

Packages & Services

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